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Thank you for attending BUT we're not done yet!


The movement began with nearly 400 strong on April 1st and the conversation carries on about the speakers, messaging and content. To say we made an impact on that day is an understatement.

What we will do going forward will change the way we look at the foundation of our industry. It will change the news we see, the messaging we deliver and the business we do. It will take us from opinions to facts and help us dream of bigger and better results for ourselves, our companies and our clients.

In the days to come, after a quick website refresh we will be announcing what's next BUT as an insider, you get a preview. Starting NOW we will be aggregating all of the industry business news (hirings, mergers, acquisitions, announcements, etc.) in to one place to share & promote the successes of our industry businesses and the people in it. Coming up next month, we will launch our podcast with an unrehearsed, interview style approach with real takeaways and industry exclusives. Please message us via our social media handles, tag us in news or via the website at with any great news and views OR suggestions for podcast guests. Lastly, keep your eyes peeled to register for our next BE vol. 2 coming soon!

It's an ambitious plan, one that will require the help and buy in of the entire experience business community but if change is as important to you, as it is to us, we know you're ready to educate, innovate and disrupt with us!

Thanks for the support, only up from here!


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