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Business of Events Schedule (All Times EST)

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We’re happy to share the full schedule for Business of Events. Check out the information below to see what’s planned and when each activity is taking place. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Joe Goldblatt
Emeritus Professor

11:00 AM

THE NEW 21st CENTURY AGENCY PARADIGM: Transforming from Productions  to Campaigns.

Colja Dams
CEO, VOK DAMS worldwide
Agency for Events and Live-Marketing

11:30 AM


Hybrid events ore not a short-lived trend, but a long-term development that will transform the way we pion, design and experience events in the future and will significantly emphasize the power of the live experience. There is no question that the current pandemic hos fundamentally changed live communication. More than that, it hos acted as a catalyst and accelerator for developments that began well in advance. Against the background of digitalisation, virtual elements hove long been port of live events. Mostly however only as separate, self-contained units. In future there will be a great need for hybrid events that interweave "live" with "digital" and "virtual" with "in-person" at eye level. The opportunity: completely new, innovative and extremely effective communication possibilities. The challenge: in order for hybrid events to unfold their full power, events must be rethought and newly planned. In future we will need a completely new approach to events.

Jeff Kalpak

President, Americas

FIRST Global Brand Experience Agency

12:30 PM


An industry innovator, both creatively and as an entrepreneur, Jeff shares stories, anecdotes and answers questions on how YOU can shift the way you think and plan for the future as our industry changes!

Amy Kule

Founder, Merry Wanderer

1:30 PM

How can an industry grow to include integrated marketing, P&L and other key business strategies in to it's daily conversations? 

Join Amy as she dives deep on her experiences with Macy's, the Rose Bowl and how all this has lead her to consult for some of the world's top companies and recognized events!

Disruption Session with Karma Casting


Moderated by the industry's resident "Event Nerd" J. Damany Daniel, Karma Casting's leadership team discusses disruption and how technology can lead industries to change for the better!

Faisal Sublaban
"The Hotel Boss" - President and CEO of Bonotel Exclusive Travel

3:00 PM

60 mins of moderated no holds barred conversation, stories, leadership advice, tips and tricks from the Hotel Boss himself!

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